12 September 2017

Impressions from ECIS 2017 - day 2

Highlights from the morning session of the second day. I managed to miss Jacob Klein's plenary talk (on Interfacial water).

Parallel session on topics 5 and 6 (roughly, inorganic colloids)
  • Andrés Guerrero-Martínez (Madrid University) on the reshaping, fragmetation and welding of gold nanoparticles using femtosecond lasers.
  • Two more talks on responsive Au@polymer systems: Jonas Schubert (Dresden University) and Rafael Contreras-Cáceres (Málaga University)
  • Pavel Yazhgur (postdoc at the ESPCI, Paris after a remarkable PhD at the LPS, Orsay!) on hyperuniform binary mixtures. I should write a post on hyperuniformity at some point...
Parallel session on topic 3 (polymers, liquid crystals and gels)
  • Hans Juergen Butt on the crystallization of polymers or water in alumina pores.

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