January 4, 2019

Membrane-Mediated Interactions

Our review chapter (with Anne-Florence Bitbol and Jean-Baptiste Fournier) has just appeared in Physics of Biological Membranes (Patricia Bassereau and Pierre Sens, eds.)

December 5, 2018

CNRS positions - the 2019 campaign

The detail of the 2019 campaign for permanent research positions at the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) has been published in the Journal Officiel (see links below) and the submission site is open. The submission deadline is January 8th 2019 (12:00 Paris time). There are 244 open positions at the CR level (49 less than last year!) 255 DR2 (+3) and 1 DR1 (-1). There is a pronounced drop in the CR positions with respect to the previous years, as shown in the graph below:

This decrease in the number of permanent positions is correlated to the opening at the CNRS of 200 PhD positions in 2019 and "at least 100" in 2020, announced in October by Frédérique Vidal, minister for higher education and research.

The official texts: CRCN, DR2, DR1.

October 31, 2018

Cristallographie et Grands Equipements

I gave the "Small-angle scattering" lecture of this school (organized by the SOLEIL synchrotron from 16 to 19 October.) My slides (and those of the other lecturers) are available here. Mine are partly in French (the first part, dealing with the form factor) and partly in English (the second half, on the structure factor.)