13 February 2016

Water is HO2 (for at least one philosopher)

This evening I've been listening to some podcasts of talks given at the Nietzsche on Mind and Nature conference (Oxford, 2009).

There are some interesting points to be made, so I'll probably write a couple more posts on this, but what I found striking is G√ľnter Abel's affirmation (about 08:55 into his talk; see the video) "[...] saying for example (famous example) 'water is HO2'..." Now, everyone can misspeak, but he did not correct himself and there were no reactions from the audience (then again, this was a philosophy conference held in Oxford, so maybe all attendants were being exceptionnally polite). Is this the general level of scientific education in the population of philosophy professors?!

The topic of Abel's talk is not directly related to science, although he does address the tension between consciousness and neurobiology (and how one should not identify conscious states and physical processes etc.)

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