21 February 2014

CNRS positions 2014: first results

The 2014 campaign for permanent research positions at the CNRS started in December. It involves a first stage, the pre-selection, introduced in 2012. The results are now in for the competitions in some sections (see my older post for the role of the CNRS sections and for the various types of open positions.) They are online here; enter the appropriate competition number and choose the option "Candidates to be interviewed" from the drop-down menu.

The selectivity of this first step has increased since 2012; in the sections corresponding to physical sciences (1-5 and 8-11), about half of all applications (at the CR2 level) were successful, with the exception of section 2, where this number is below 0.3 (there were 185 candidates!) and of section 1, where the pre-selection rate is closer to 3/4, probably because all positions are targeted, so the selection process is pretty much separate (although there is strong overlap between 01/03 and 01/04 and between 01/06 and 01/09).

It seems that each commission selected 40-50 candidates (again, with the exception of section 1, where there are 88 of them and of section 8, with 68). This amounts to 11 applications per open position overall (but to less individual candidates, due to multiple applications between sections.)

The interview dates for each section are available here. Good luck everybody!

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