9 January 2014

No more access to the APS journals in France

Many (most ?) universities and research institutes in France get access to scientific journals through the Couperin consortium. This year, the consortium failed to reach an agreement1 with the American Physical Society (publisher of the Physical Review) who increased their 2014 prices by 7.6% with respect to 20132. As a result, our subscription to the Physical Review will stop as of January 1st 2014.

UPDATE 09/01/2014: For the moment, we do have access to the 2014 papers. Couperin will pursue the negotiations until the end of February.

1. Letter from the APS to the Couperin consortium.
2. Letter from the APS to French researchers. The 7.6% is the overall price increase requested from the consortium. For the Paris-Sud University, for instance, the increase would be 28%.

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